The Alabaster Box

This is the post excerpt.

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Author: Four Leaves and Tales

I like a good story. For a dozen years I taught elementary school. Story was always an important part of our school day whether I was teaching kindergarten or fifth grade. Later, I became a university professor and taught people who wanted to be teachers. Now I am retired and busy reading and writing stories. There's more about me in the About section of the blog.

2 thoughts on “The Alabaster Box”

  1. The entire class and I LOVED the first time when Ruby and Junior see inside the box and start talking with “Genie Lady” – some kids were laughing so hard at the interactions between them and Celeste, and it was so cool to see their incredibly opposite backgrounds and upbringings showing through in their interactions. The kids also liked how Bessie and Junior were brought back into the story much later, after seeming like their part was over.


    1. I think Ruby and Junior (or Bessie to the class) are two of the most horrid people ever–the kind you love to hate. I’m not exactly sure where they came from! I was sitting at my brother’s dining room table in Lawrence, Kansas when suddenly, there they were, looking in the box. 🙂


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